Technology: Advantages

Our “hanging gardens” are a mature, globally-patented technology for the industrial production of biomass.

Highest yield per hectare of any type of biomass with over 200 tonnes per hectare per year.

Unit:        t / ha / year
ecoduna technology > 200 t
Miscanthus / Chinese silver grass 15 - 25 t
Oil palm 6,0 t
Wheat 3,5 t
Rapeseed 1,4 t

High degree of purity – highest product quality through a closed production system.

  • no contamination or mixing of different species

Low running costs for personnel and materials thanks to a high degree of automation with specific system controls.

  • minimal energy costs through use of hydrostatic transport (gas lift) without pumps
  • recycling of resources in a closed system
  • exact sensor technology and continuous monitoring 

Short amortisation period

  • return on investment within 6 to 7 years

Environmentally friendly & sustainable – zero emissions and fixes CO2

  • closed system makes possible the recycling and recirculation of resources
  • sensible, ecological use of CO2
  • “waste product” of photosynthesis: oxygen

Globally applicable

  • including where water is scarce or areas with extreme temperatures
  • requires neither agricultural land nor an industrial location
  • space saving: 1 square metre of land represents  
    • 440 litres of photoactive volume
    • 32 square metres of sun-oriented surface area
Know-how and project management

Over the last few years the ecoduna team has brought this technology to market maturity. Our “hanging gardens” are today state of the art and the global technology market leader. Close cooperation between biologists, technicians and process engineers during research and development has made our team into a highly-valuable brain pool in the field of industrial-scale algae production. 
ecoduna clients can access our team's know-how in developing and implementing their own products and specifications as well as realizing their own algaculture system. 

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