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ecoduna goes Europe! 

Out of nearly 400 different projects ecoduna was chosen by the European Commission to be presented in a short portrait all over Europe. Based on the motto “Don’t have any doubts in your idea, stay behind your idea, no matter how hard it seems! 
We are proud of the path ecoduna has chosen und we are already thrilled for the next steps.

Pressrelease Reichl & Partner - May 2018

The future is green: ecoduna welcomed international algae-industry experts at one of the most important summits of the European algae world

KURIER - March 2018

German article in the daily newspaper "KURIER" from 30.03.2018 about algae and the opening of ecodunas first industrial microalgae plant. 

Profil - March 2018

German article about ecoduna in the newspaper "profil" - March 2018

"New Hotspot of the Green Technology" - German article about the opening of Europe's most modern algae production plant and future chances of ecoduna at the international market.  

Netzwerker.News - March 2018

German article about ecodunas opening of Europes most modern algae production - worldwide hotspot of the green technology


"ecoduna: Algen aus Bruck erobern die Welt" - German artikel about ecodunas grand opening of the most modern algae production plant in Europe. 

NÖN - March 2018

"Welt schaut auf Bruck" - German article about the opening of ecodunas first industrial plant from the local newspaper "NÖN".

KURIER - March 2018

German article "Algen als Rohstoff der Zukunft" about the algae boom and ecoduna.

NÖ - March 2018

"Welt schaut auf Bruck" - German article about the opening of ecodunas first industrial plant from the local newspaper "NÖN" online.

NÖN - Feb 2018

German article "Neue Algen-Anlage: Testbetrieb läuft" from the local newspaper "Niederösterreichische Nachrichten" about the operation of our first industrial plant in Austria and their challenges for our team.  

DIE PRESSE - Feb 2018

"Suche nach der perfekten Fälschung" - a German article of the Austrian business newspaper about meat substitutes and the current products - like algaes - in that field.

KURIER - Feb 2018

"In der Adria unerwünscht, bei uns gefragt" - a German article from 15th of February 2018 from the Austrian newspaper "KURIER" about ecoduna and the different possibilities with algaes.

REPORT.AT - Dec 2017

German online report "Wechsel bei ecoduna", 19th of Dec 2017 ( about the change in leadership at ecoduna: Johann Karmel replaces the former CEO Johann Mörwald.


Austrian newspaper with an german article "Lasst die Fische im Meer", about algaes and the future chance to change the worlwide situation with overfishing. The Austrian newspaper talked with COO Silvia Fluch about future chances on the worldwide market and ecodunas actual building project of their first industrial plant.

ORF.AT - Nov 2017

German article "Algen zwischen Hype & hartem Geschäft" from an Austrian tv online magazin about algae business and ecoduna. ecoduna is on page 4 & 5. 


ecoduna in the actual green technology and energy guide from "New Business" about algaes and ecodunas first industrial plant.


German article about algaes and ecoduna in the Austrian "Kneipp" magazin.

DIE PRESSE - Oct 2017

German Articel about ecoduna's COO Silvia Fluch at the local newspaper "Die Presse" from 7th of Oct 2017. 


Austrian newspaper "Kleine Zeitung" with the issue "Besser Leben" interviewed ecoduna in May 2017. A German article about the industrial production of algae, called "Alles im grünen Bereich".


Speech of Mag. Dr. Silvia Fluch, MSc (COO, ecoduna) at the TEDxLinz event (12th of Nov 2016) "Eating fish? Start eating algae!" 


An article about ecodunas issue of shares from 26th of January 2017. 

NÖN - Austrian newspaper, issue jan 2017

Article from 18.01.2017 about ecodunas issue of shares. 

BEZIRKSBLATT - issue jan 2017

Local newspaper "Bezirksblatt" writing about ecodunas groundbreaking ceremony. 

KURIER BURGENLAND - Austrian newspaper, issue dez 2016

Ecoduna gound breaking ceremony @ the local Austrian newspaper "KURIER BURGENLAND"


An article about the ground breaking ceremony on 16th of December 2016.

A3 ECO - Austrian business magazine, issue oct 2016

A german article about ecoduna and their developement since their foundation in 2010 till the upcoming issue of shares.

"UMWELTSCHUTZ der WIRTSCHAFT" - publication of Austrians chamber of trade

German article "50 Shades of Green" about microalgaes and their benefits. Special publication from Austrians chamber of trade, written by Silvia Fluch (COO of ecoduna).

ORF TV REPORT - sept 2016

German TV report about ecoduna @ the show "Start-ups at biotechnogical and medical industry".

TREND - Austrian business magazine, aug 2016

German article about Silvia Fluch (COO at ecoduna), her previous work and future projects at ecoduna. 

SCHOTT magazine - issue july 2016

Article about algae and ecoduna, using glass tubing from SCHOTT.

"WUNDERWELT WISSEN" - German knowledge magazine, issue july 2016

German article about algae and their skills, ecoduna at page 73.

KURIER EXTRA - Austrian newspaper, energy award "HELIOS 2016"

Special issue from an Austrian newspaper about the energy saving award HELIOS 2016, ecoduna was part of it, together with 135 other companys.


video of Irmgard Griss Austria tour (Austrian presidential candidate), watch ecoduna at 00:17


"Vom Leben der Natur", of Dr. Silvia Fluch (COO, ecoduna)
radio interview "Erforschung der Algen"

"BIOMAGAZIN" - Austrian organic magazine, issue feb / march 2016

German title: "Multitalente als Rohstoffe der Zukunft"

"HOTEL & TOURISTIK" magazine, issue feb 2016

German title: "Algen für die Allgemeinheit"

"GELDMAGAZIN" - Austrian business magazine, issue dez 2015

German title: "Hochwertige Biomasse"

"WIRTSCHAFTSBLATT"- Austrian business newspaper, dez 2015

topic: cooperation with pharma group "Novo Nordisk"

"FORMAT" - Austrian business magazine, dez 2015

ecoduna AG at the "Family Office Day" with Sabine Duchaczek & Isabella de Krassny
Article from 11th Dez 2015. 

"NEWS" - Austrian business magazine, dez 2015

German Title "Algenzüchter von Bruck an der Leitha", topic: inventions

KURIER - Austrian newspaper, nov 2015

The newspaper from 28th of November 2015 published the article "Hängende Gärten für Anleger" about the opportunity to invest in ecoduna.

"WIRTSCHAFTSWOCHE" - Austrian newspaper, issue nov 2015

German title: "Start-up der Woche Algenzucht im Alpenland"

KURIER - Austrian newspaper, okt 2015

German title: "Technologieführer bei Algenproduktion"

"WALDMAGAZIN" - Austrian nature magazine, issue autumn 2015

German report about global energy problem, ecoduna is mentioned on page 5 & 6.

"DER STANDARD" - Austrian newspaper, jul 2015

German title: "Der Sprit aus dem grünen Leben"

"HÖRZU" - TV Magazine, march 2015

German title: "Grünes Gold"

"NÖN" - Austrian newspaper, issue Okt 2014

German title: "Algen-Industrie geplant"

"LEBENSHILFE" magazine, issue sept 2014

German title: "Mikroalgen - Hoffnung aus dem Photobioreaktor"

"TERRA MATER" international knowledge magazine, issue april 2014

German title: "Kraftstoff immergrün"

"UNIVERSUM" Austrian knowledge magazine, issue march 2014

German title: "Großer Preis für die hängenden Gärten"
topic: ecoduna winning Energy Globe World Award

"TREND" magazine, issue june 2013

German title: "10 Österreicher die unsere Welt retten" 
extract translated: “Since its inception, company headquarters has become a sort of Mecca for the global energy elite. High-ranking representatives have come from as far away as Japan's steel concern Kobe, where the government has shown increased interest in renewable energy since the meltdown at Fukushima.”

"ÖSTERREICHS ENERGIE" - Austrian magazine, issue feb 2013

German title: "Energie aus pflanzlichem Ursprung"
extract translated: “ecoduna, the so-called “pioneers of the Alps” who have garnered international renown, opened the world's first around-the-clock, industrial-scale cultivation system for microalgae.”

"GEWINN" - Austrian magazine, issue jan 2013

German title: "Grünes am laufenden Band" 
extract translated: “Austrians now have the world's first continuous production of microalgae up and running.”