Microorganisms: Algae & Co.

Microalgae are microscopic little marvels with practically unlimited talents.

Algae normally live in water and, unlike higher plants, each individual algal cell is capable of photosynthesis. They grow much faster than terrestrial plants, making them especially suited to commercial use.  

Algae need for growth the same nutrients required in standard horticulture, sunlight and CO2. They create myriad organic carbon compounds that present many possible applications.

Because microalgae can be cultivated in special photobioreactors on land, they can be abundantly produced under tightly controlled conditions on land unsuitable for terrestrial crops. Microalgae production therefore does not compete with agriculture.

All this makes microalgae extremely interesting organisms for commercial use. Productivity per unit of land is many times higher than all other crops considered to be high-yielding.

Where and how are microorganisms used?