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ecoduna AG

The ecoduna group consists of ecoduna AG (as the holding company and owner of the patents) and its affiliated 100% subsidiary, eparella GmbH. ecoduna AG is a bio-technology R&D company that has invented, brought to maturity and patented an outstanding photo-bioreactor set up for the production of microalgae at an industrial scale.

We are a global technology leader in microalgae biotech and we achieve the largest per hectare yield through our patented procedure that is sustainable, efficient, resource-friendly and due to full scale recycling free of waste streams. Our team includes technical engineers, biologists and process management experts. The photo-bioreactor facility was developed through joint R&D activities, and brought into industrial maturity at our large scale demonstration plant in Bruck an der Leitha, Austria.

eparella GmbH

The subsidiary eparella GmbH is currently building a production facility in Bruck with a photoactive volume of approx. 800,000 litres.

Continuous, year-round production is scheduled to start in 2018 at the eparella GmbH facility, where 27 employees will produce 100 tonnes of biomass annually; an expansion of capacity to three hectares is set to produce approx. 300 tonnes of additional biomass, and thus offer more than 50 employees qualified jobs.


To ensure our brand prominence, we continuously invest in continuous proprietary development activities and operational process knowledge improvement for the whole value chain. The ecoduna group has, unlike competitors, been able to develop special expertise about summer and winter cultures suitable for Central Europe, and has implemented the corresponding process management activities, optimised lifecycles, and ensured the stability of products throughout the year. In addition, very few providers have our extensive know-how when it comes to process engineering, because most facilities are built by third parties.


With our technology and our plant layout, eparella has the capacity to respond at any time to changing client demand.