Grant Support from EU and Lower Austria (A)

Title of Project: Construction of a microalgae production facility
Main objective: Promote investment to strengthen regional competitiveness through research, technological development and innovation
Summary of Project: eparella GmbH is the 100% subsidiary of ecoduna AG producing in its own production facility using the ecoduna PBR technology protected by patent law to produce high quality algae powder. eparella is selling the algae powder to the wholesale trade and to processing industry.
Begin of project: 07.12.2016
End of project: 31.12.2018
Eligible costs: EUR 16.641.000,00
Location: 2460 Bruck an der Leitha, Eco-Plus Park 1. Straße 8  

This project is subsidized from means of the European Union for regional development. Additional information about IWB/EFRE

eparella GmbH

The construction of our production plant is on schedule. During the past few weeks and months, the glasshouse and the reinforced concrete building have been erected, the underground pipes for the glasshouse heating, the district heating and various other supply lines constructed.  

In September we finished the insertion of the concrete floor of the glasshouse and started with the installation of the steel construction for the photo-bioreactor.

All major trades have been already negotiated and assigned, we are well on target and within budget. The target date for the completion is as planned for the end of the year.

So far, all involved companies have done an excellent work leading to no incidents or delays.