Microorganisms: Uses

It has been estimated that there may be up to a million different species of algae. Currently, 400,000 species are known and of these, about 35,000 have been scientifically described, 5,000 are available from culture collections, but only about 20 species are being industrially cultivated.

Yet even with these few species, many different ways of processing them for materials and energy can be pursued. It is breathtaking to think of the untapped potential of as-yet uninvestigated species.

Algae form the basis for myriad valuable substances.

These products and substances are used in a wide variety of fields, for example medicine and pharmaceuticals, chemistry, the food and cosmetics industries and animal nutrition.

Furthermore there are process-oriented uses for water treatment (purification, detoxification) as well as carbon fixation (CCS – carbon capture and storage).

What products can be made from algae?